The Congregation

The current roll of approximately 800 members includes families whose connection with Dunnottar Church goes back for generations, both in the town and in the countryside surrounding the church.

The congregation also includes its share of the families from all parts of the nation who have settled in Stonehaven as part of the migration caused by the advent of North Sea oil, and who are described by these original families describe as 'inaboutcomers', even though these recent arrivals have been in Stonehaven, for up to 40 years.

The oil industry is still very important to the local economy, and the town is still expanding. The immediate and long term local authority plans conceive the additional housing necessary to accommodate this expansion taking place at the southern end of Stonehaven which will result in Dunnottar Church being at the spiritual focal point for the developing population. With the advent of the new housing we have already initiated visitation schemes to offer a religious base for as many new arrivals as possible.

The church supports a variety of internal and external Activities to compliment the communion and fellowship of the congregation and engage with the community at large.

There is a warm, friendly welcome at the church door every Sunday for regulars and visitors alike.