Dunnottar Church Ministry in Stonehaven

There are three primary schools in the town and a senior secondary school, Mackie Academy, is well known throughout Scotland for its high academic achievement. The minister of Dunnottar Church is Chaplain to Dunnottar Primary School and Carronhill Special Needs School while sharing the pastoral responsibility for Mackie Academy with the other ministers in the town.

Visitation and spiritual support by the minister for the ill, the infirm and the aged involves weekly attendance at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and with regular services at Kincardine Community Hospital and the six eventide homes in Stonehaven.

Co-operation with Other Churches

Stonehaven is also served by two other Church of Scotland charges, Fetteresso and South Church with which we are now in linkage, along with a Roman Catholic and Episcopalian Churches and a Baptist congregation.

We have a joint service for Remembrance Day and other occasions including Holy Week and Christian Aid Week. Other frequent opportunities for co-operation with the other churches are used as stepping stones towards a broader ecumenical Gospel in Stonehaven.


An important vehicle for spreading information throughout the membership and maintaining contact is our monthly magazine "Spotlight". This provides a further channel for the Minister to spread the Word of God as well as offering an opportunity to keep the congregation informed of news of the activities of the various organisations and their future plans.

Regular contributions are supplied to our local newspaper "The Leader" to reach the general public to inform them of our activities - both spiritual and social - with the objective of attracting larger attendance on Sunday and hopefully more members overall. To read the articles in the Leader please follow the “This Week's News” link in the side menu.

The articles in the Mearns Leader are also accessible from the HOME page of this website in the “This Week's News” section.

The Website is the modern, more effective way of reaching a wider population so as well as making the Spotlight and Sunday News accessible it also carries regular information on events, both spiritual and secular, in the Future Events together with special notices and communication.

Dunnottar supports the local radio station Mearns FM by presenting a programme of spiritual praise each week.