Communications Team

We were originally the editorial team which produced Dunnottar Church's magazine, Spotlight, each month and that is still our primary function. We assemble the content including the Pastoral Letter from our Minister, news from each organisation's contributors, selected special feature articles and competitions. The group meet on the Sunday prior to the end of the month to compile the magazine for printing then distribution on the last Sunday of the month. The exception to this is the magazine for the summer months when there is a combined copy for June, July and August and at Christmas when there is a December/January copy. It is distributed to every household in the Congregation.

The team members also take it in turns to write the “Spotlight on Dunnottar” column for the Mearns Leader each week which publicises the sermon and events of each Sunday's worship.

We provide facilities and skills to produce posters, hand-outs, flyers and tickets for events if asked to do so and we produce special event publications.

Another responsibility is production of the rota of member's duties for Sunday services which is seen as a first point of contact with worshipers.

We are responsible for the Church website which presents public information to locals and visitors alike and where the latest editions Spotlight magazine and the “Spotlight on Dunnottar” column from the Leader (under the Sunday News link) can be found. The most recent website enhancements are the addition of a “Future Events” and “Worship Venues” which are intended to bring wider awareness of Dunnottar Church's activities and attract higher attendances. In the same vein the access and detail in the “Church Bus Route” has been improved.

Communication is important. It is essential that our publications are presented in as clear and informative a way as possible to ensure that people know what's going on.

Communications Team Priorities

  1. Continue to develop Spotlight as a high-quality magazine for Dunnottar Church
  2. Provide advice and publicity for events' organisers
  3. Develop expertise in publicity and communications in organisations and active individuals in the Church
  4. Develop the use of the Church website